little details add big impact as we design our party space
October 14, 2015 | food hall + haul, in the studio with loretta, interior alchemy, pretty this + that, venue this way

Party Planning with Interior Alchemy

Hello there, thanks for checking back in with us as we wrap up the Music Festival inspired Bat Mitzvah series. Over here at The Studio we love the opportunity to transform a space, add a bit of magic. We dubbed this process INTERIOR ALCHEMY;  it's the final leg of party planning that brings to life the vision.

For this particular event, our venue, The McKittrick  came with a very specific design. Our task was to maintain the integrity of the The Heath while at the same time implementing elements that reflect our Music Festival theme. 

The first piece was to develop a direction for our tablescape.  We envisioned a fluid mix of flowers. Rather than one centerpiece to anchor the tables, we went with the idea of a collection of vessels and flowers. A mix that was interesting in variety, shape and height, yet cohesive in vision. We collaborated with Spruce Flowers .


The space at The McKittrick has a warm vintage vibe with it's  tea stained floral wallpaper, leather banquettes & warm wood bar. To compliment this aesthetic we worked with burlap for texture by repurposing this simple detail on several levels. We wrapped burlap around the floral vases for a consistent thread.


The Candle Lighting is a beautiful tradition. Guests gather as the Bat Mitzvah girl offers up a candle to recognize those who have been a guiding light in their life. We designed a collection of candles in the warm hues of the space. Indeed the burlap acted as a grounding elements


It can often be a challenge to maintain a cohesive vision and tie together all the details. The burlap served as a clever idea as we provided our guests with burlap bags filled with party favors. The hostess hand stamped a "thank you" and attached the hangtag to the bag....and we piled up these goodies in the cubbies.


Venue lighting is never to be underestimated, the shade of light saturates a venue and provides the energy. We focused our ambience lighting around a warm glow. We achieved the affect with the simplicity of votive candles and amber uplighting around the bar and seated sections. 


I am honored to have been apart of unveiling this vision through the power of Interior Alchemy....

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See you at the party, Loretta xo