music festival theme rocks the mitzvah scene
September 29, 2015 | on the road..., pretty this + that, rock paper scissors, venue this way

Bat Mitzvah Planner Excitement

We all love the beauty & sound of the Music Festival. From east coast at Governor's Ball  to Coachella on the west coast and Lollapalooza in between the energy rocks. So it is easy to understand how super excited this Bat Mitzvah planner was when our client envisioned a Music Festival Vibe for their daughter's Bat Mitzvah. 

Over the next few weekly blogs, we will share the pieces that did pull together to create a Bat Mitzvah Coachella style!!

 The first magical piece is to create a hashtag or theme that acts as the grounding element. The tricky piece is relating it in concept to the Bat Mitzvah girl's name or initials. Umm, Ok, so how brilliant is my client? Just too. Her name LUCY RACHEL was themed COACHEL-LU. Yes, that's right, Just genius.

And the party begins with an invite to The McKittrick at THE HEATH.


 Upon arrival at The McKittrick guests receive The Access Pass. 


 Aww right, so where do we direct the guests from here. Bring on the SIGNAGE.  At street level, curbside 27th street we directed our guests: PARTY THIS WAY.


As our guests hit the party venue, like all good festivals, we provided a bit of direction. Main Stage, Bar, Tatts. We called upon Sharp Shooter to custom create signage in materials that reflect the festival vibe.


The synergy continues through out the night, as we dressed The Party Starters Coachel-lu style. These custom designed tee shirts, in vintage OP style were also awesome party giveaways for all guests.....


Click back next week as we give you a peek at the design piece, did I hear floral crown?


See you at the party, Loretta xo