Nobu downtown
July 2, 2018 | food hall + haul, in the studio with loretta, venue this way

When you snag the alcove  at Nobu downtown, oh what a night!

Confetti Balloons

We planned an intimate 13th birthday celebration at Nobu downtown.

The tablescape was inspired by a visit to Pearl River Mart.

We spotted the white Japanese rice paper which we layered as the table runner. Bamboo placements and custom designed menus created individual table seats.


Pearl River Mart Bamboo Placemats


Color scheme of red, gold and black created a cohesive story. Gold Glitter was sprinkled down the center of Japanese rice paper adding of texture and shine.

We hit up the New York City Flower Market to design  potted bonsi trees in  sleek black square vases. 

NoBu Downtownbonsi tree

It would not be a party with out the shine of gold confetti ginormous balloons. The radiant sparkle filled the alcove with a festive colorful energy.

Gold Confetti Ginormous Balloon

AFTER PARTY:  What's a girl to do:)???

Japanese style, of course. A bit of girlie girl time. 

We snagged a fun bunch of Japanese face masks at The Mask Bar in SoHo.

Popped by Sunrise Mart in SoHo for Japanese candy and ramune soda.

Japanese CandyJapanese Face MaskRamune Japanese Soda

Let's plan to celebrate you!!

Ring us to create fabulous memories, Loretta xx