Social Event Summer Hacks
September 24, 2015 | food hall + haul, in the studio with loretta, interior alchemy, on the road..., pretty this + that

Hope you had a Summer filled with fun, friends & parties. Looking for a new twist on the summer social event, our studio went off- road to discover and explore.

We traveled to  Sayulita, Mexico.  A  fishing village turned bohemian surf destination.  The town was bursting with creative energy....


Did someone say BOHO SURF party theme?? Hello, we got it. This is an awesome concept for a Bar/Bat Mitzvah or Sweet Sixteen bash. 


The colors were rich,vibrant + dreamy,ethereal. Festive paper banners hung above the street and sunset painted ombre across the sky. 


Our studio is taking ombre into the Fall.  We've collected some clever ways to layer this painted rainbow palette into your social event.

SET THE TABLE, ABC Home washes these dreamy waves of color over flatware

EAT CAKE,  Sweet & Saucy Shop creates gorgeous ombre cakes.

We hit up Riis Park Beach Bazaar one afternoon to Eat, Drink, Shop & Eat more. The street vendor concept is too good to keep ONLY outside.  Stay tuned for our Fall collaboration as we bring the Street Fair inside the party.


 Covent Garden's art installation has our hearts beating for London. This stunning collection of white balloons illuminated from the inside must be translated for our next party. This is going to have guests seeing ceiling decor from a whole new perspective.


Click back round and visit with us as we take these Summer hacks to the Fall party. bashesbyloretta

Loretta xo