NYC Mitzvah Theme Set by Urban Graffiti
October 28, 2015 | food hall + haul, in the studio with loretta, interior alchemy, rock paper scissors, the fun piece, venue this way

Hello there! Thanks for checking back with us. Over here at the Studio we are very excited to share with you one of our latest productions. We collaborated with a family interested in a theme for their son's NYC Mitzvah that reflected his urban attitude. 

The theme is a grounding point for the over-all design concept. Once we establish the tone we continue to build around this foundation.

 We focused our story on the street girt associated with that "down under the bridge"  mood. 


Our lighting team over at Ionic Design Group proposed several feels to be translated into a wall decal. We decided to go with this 12' x12' piece of  graffiti art. The design group assisted in manipulating the venue's energy with very strategic use of the effects of light. 

The venue, Pillars 37, is a clean, modern space. With the use of wall washes and industrial truss lighting the transformation process is off to a nice start...



Client created the invitation to have the same urban attitude. The street club vibe of NYC seen in VIP laminate pass. Cheers to when a boy becomes a man. #BarMitzvah


Here's a quick glimpse into how the layers continue to evolve around the theme. URBAN GRIT







Over the next few weeks we will take you inside the NYC Mitzvah through the eyes of Elliot's guests:)


See you at the party, Loretta xo

Photo Credit Milk and Honey Productions