Birthday Party Road Trip
July 7, 2014 | on the road..., pretty this + that, venue this way

I am so honored to be collaborating with a new client on her Self Planned 40th BIRTHDAY PARTY BASH (best way to love yourself is to celebrate yourself).

We took to the Bridge and strolled the streets of Williamsburg popping in here and there for bits of party inspiration.

We fell hard for MyMoon and Wythe Hotel for the venue. With a strong sense of vibe and guest list, we were able to narrow down the options. This was no small task with such incredible spaces about.

Irresistible details packed the shelves of Catbird; we had to have the floating wish paper and yes this would make the loveliest party favor. The itty bitty details of confetti always add a bit of magic. No doubt bagged and labeled Catbird style made them even more enticing. 

A peek in Whisk inspired a chat about dessert: the ice cream sandwich is definitely a top runner, but really now, the sheet cake is making a modern return. What's a bash with-out a cocktail? And muddling options are insane.

All this party chatter got us thinking, let's have a celebration in celebration of all the party planning. We hit Bedford Cheese Shop for goodies and made our way back over the Bridge to sip on rose and snack on our goodies.

Celebrate YOU, xo