November 5, 2015 | in the studio with loretta, interior alchemy, pretty this + that, venue this way

Our Studio Designs the Floor Plan

Hello My Party Goers! Welcome back to the second week in our on going GRAFFITI  THEME  series. Last week we illustrated the impact of grounding an NYC event in a theme. The theme is the anchor from which we begin to build out from.

We designed the floor plan around this awesome piece of wall art.


This week we focus on design; our venue, Pillars 37, is an open loft like floor plan. We built out sections around strategic placement of the furniture, dance floor, food + bar and photo booth. Then, we went with a white, modern aesthetic for the lounge seating. By carving out these little seating areas, we created respites for guests away from the thump thump thump of the DJ.

up studios ©2014

We tossed about bean bag chairs & fat boys for pops of color. We also loved the playful and casual vibe. 

up studios ©2014

 This loose seating invites guests to gather or in some cases rest:):) how sweet this little thing is....


Rather than going with a formal dinner experience. Our clients replicated the current NYC restaurant trend and set community runner tables with bar stools. Guests, lingered, chatted, perched and enjoyed the party from this vantage point. Bar height runner tables add dimension to the overall lay out. Creating visual interest.

The wall washes and up lights color the room to contrast the white lounge furniture and highlight the graffiti wall art. The amber street light spot light coupled with the midnight blue complimented the urban party. 

up studios ©20140231

The DJ/MC Booth often become a focal point of the room. In this floor plan we created an organic dance floor by arranging the furniture around the pillars. The MC will invite guests to the space through out the evening. The montage and candle lighting which are significant pieces to the Bar Mitzvah happen at center stage. The plasma screens are set up near the DJ booth and guests gather about to view.

 up studios ©2014

 Let's Rock IT!!  dance                                                                 Let's Watch IT: montage


The BAR is an area that guests find it easy to mingle. Since guests are drawn to the bar, we think it's aesthetic should blend with the space. We like the idea of making it a statement. This VINTAGE

up studios ©2014

BAR sign was the ideal statement piece. As it works with the NYC street feel.

up studios ©2014

It's the little details with big impact that complete the story. Often flowers are the perfect accent to tie all the layers together. Instead we decided to play up the tablescape with vessels filled with LED trinkets, rock candy, rings + fun.

up studios ©201402420245

 It was a perfect compliment to the over all mood of this NYC event.  Throughout the evening guests did light up the night.


Next week we will take a look at The Eats + Drinks.

Hope y'all stop by. Loretta xo