50th birthday party reimagined
February 18, 2021 | food hall + haul, in the studio with loretta, venue this way

The 50th birthday party finds a new twist during these unpredictable times.

What was initially envisioned as a 50th birthday bash was reshaped to meet the current environment. It has been quite a dilemma for clients as they decide on celebrations. Do we reschedule, scale back-? During such tumultuous times does it feel right to celebrate?These are the questions facing many of us......

When I met with my clients to revisit the birthday bash, they expressed rather than celebrating their 50th birthday on a large scale, their current sensibility called for a Celebration of Life. An intimate gathering of friends to celebrate & honor each other during difficult times. I absolutely loved this sentiment and so this is what we created.

At their stunning country home in Southport, CT we conceptualized a casual backyard gathering. 

50th Birthday

Upon arrival, guests mingled poolside while enjoying summer inspired cocktails along with Spanish tapas. The chef created a lovely assortment of individual small plates.  Servers passed the tasting plates adhering to safety guidelines.

50th Birthday

The concept of moving guests to different environments during the celebration offers a unique experience. Rather than remaining in one section of the venue guests feel excited by the unexpected change in atmosphere.

This stunning path led guests to the lawn.

50th Birthday

We designed the tablescape to compliment the incredible landscape. We dressed the communal table in a textured linen. We chose muted shades of grey for the table linens and mixed it with white ceramic tabletop. Rentals from Smith Party Rental.

50th birthday planner50th birthday party planner

A guest of the hostess designed the floral table runner.  We love the mix of sweet garden blooms. This collection added the perfect pop of color against the lush green landscape! 

50th Birthday

My clients were interested in serving guests a fun alternative to a seated dinner. Valencia Luncheria catered for us a paella party. Using a traditional paella pan the chef cooked in the open, allowing guests to be part of the experience. 

Paella Party

50th Birthday Planner

As the sun set guests were individually served this gorgeous and delicious paella along with chopped salad.  After dinner finished the kitsch Mister Softee ice cream truck pulled up for dessert:) 

50th Birthday

This reimagined 50th birthday party offers us all a reminder to hold gratitude for those we love and to always CELEBRATE LIFE.

Stay healthy and safe.

With gratitude, Loretta xx