ceiling decor: yes, please!
February 14, 2018 | in the studio with loretta, interior alchemy, on the road..., the fun piece, venue this way

Ceiling decor is having a MOMENT. And we love it.

The Huffington Post  highlighted ceiling decor as a top 2018 trend in party design.

No doubt, the fantastical balloon installation by Charles Pétillon inspired this floating trend.

london covent garden balloons

london covent garden balloons

Our studio translated the installation for a party at 26 Bridge.

We designed an organic installation of different size + texture balloons to float above the dance floors.

A combination of lighting affects took the vibe from ethereal to urban street as to flow with the celebration.

ceiling decor|balloon installation

ceiling decor

26 Bridge B'Nai Mitzvah

The concept of ceiling decor has a range of attitude.

Pop of whimsy + snap of color combined of tissue + honey comb balls. Our in house design team weaved together this magical landscape.

Ceiling Decor  City Winery

SHINE: Bat Mitzvah Girl

ceiling decor bat mitzvah


Our studio has an eye to the ceiling as we head into the party scene.

Stay with us,