Mix in Some Cleverness for an Entertaining Event
November 19, 2015 | in the studio with loretta, the fun piece, venue this way

Hello There Party Goers! Nice to have you back as we complete our Urban-Graffiti series. This week we wrap up with the FUN PIECE. Our Bar Mitzvah theme was set around an urban attitude. Custom designed graffiti wall art grounded the space. Now, we needed to turn this party into an entertaining event!


Here at the studio, we work with our clients to build the elements around a central theme. Our goal is to keep the party space cohesive yet keep the party goers interested + vibrant.  The entertainment factor is growing in it's range. The NoMad Hotel wows guests with performance by Dan White.  This same entertaining event experience is being interpreted for the party scene. 

STILT CREATURES: Upon arrival these imaginative Stilt Walkers walked the venue and greeted guests. The interactive approach warms guests to the party scene.


We set up a Tattoo Station. At this make shift parlor, artists applied hand drawn tatts. Continuing to play up the color theme we worked with glow in the dark make up. To inspire guests, we offered a design book with ideas.


 TATTOO PARLOR:  The artists also applied Flash Tattoos, the jewelry inspired rage. It's super cool to take a street trend and scale it for an event. 


LED: As we shared in a previous blog, rather than flowers our tablescapes overflowed with LED bands, rings, necklaces and balls. This served not only as design but equal playful interactive props. The LED flash added to the event.


DANCING FEET, guests, especially the younger siblings, had an awesome time with the LED beach balls. These props are inexpensive yet so much fun. 

SOCK BIN: A tradition at the Bar Mitzvah scene is to have socks on hand for the tired dancing feet. 


The entertainment team includes party dancers.  Our dancers wore all white and led adults onto the dance floor. These dancers are awesome at breaking the ice and helping guests to feel involved.

A special surprise performance by Elliot's friends was particularly high energy. These buddies broke out in a practiced dance for Elliot. Guests full on loved their energy. Often it can be the least planned piece that adds big smiles.


LED PERFORMER: Working with the flow of the event. We planned ambient dance performances.  Our lighting team infused a black light moment as an Black Light performer with LED props hit front and center stage. 


 PHOTO BOOTH: smile click repeat smile click repeat.

The photo booth has become the ubiquitous form of entertainment. The graffiti wall art set the backdrop for both family pictures and silly guest photo-op. 


 I do hope that you enjoyed the party.

I look forward to seeing you at the next entertaining event. Loretta xo