May 12, 2018 | in the studio with loretta, interior alchemy, pretty this + that

Event flowers are blooming in magical, whimsical and sophisticated vibes.

Come along as we share inspiration straight from the flower market and beyond.  New York City's Chelsea Flower District is often the first stop for inspiration. Wrapped in brown paper, luscious colors and blooms line the shelves.

flower market nyc

The stylistic approach to event flowers has been pushed to reveling heights of aesthetic.

The Spring season calls for the fantastical yet organic statement of cherry blossoms.  At a recent Bat Mitzvah we dressed the party treat table in the sweet feminine beauty of a full cluster of cherry blossoms.  Personally, I find the beauty of these branches heavenly. A true gift from nature.

Cherry Blossoms Mason Jars

Meet you at the BAR:) Event flowers dress up the bar top as they keep with the event's design direction. A Bar Mitzvah at Slate, projected a mood that called for one full arrangement to give texture, height and movement.  Contrastingly, our City Winery event played with a tight group of beauties held in a modern vessel to tie together the rustic ambience of City Winery with the Bat Mitzvah girl's desire for sleek lounge furniture.

Slate NYC Bar MitzvahCity Winery Event Flowers Kurt Rausch

The tablescape has grown up!! No longer do we need to be seated for dinner with one floral arrangement placed center of the table. The trend of communal dining tables has inspired to designers to explore with materials.

A Bat Mitzvah hosted at the McKittrick Hotel with a Coachella music festive theme inspired Spruce Flowers to create a collection of beauties in contrasting vessels. The mix of height, blooms, texture was perfectly suited for the unique McKittrick beauty + festival feel.

The McKittrick Event Flowers Spruce Flowers

The classic table seating....guest table number included......continues on with a twist.  Floral design elements grouped together for a more modern approach have offered up clients an alternative to the single centerpiece. At a recent NYC event, Spruce Flowers created magic here.

Event Flowers Spruce Flowers

Personally, I am a fan of the communal dining experience. I love the long line of the table and the festive vibe that radiates. An event at 26 Bridge had guests dining family style on farm tables by Rent Patina.  Under a canopy of string lights the tables were host to a rustic collection of vintage bottles filled with a mix of organic white + green branches. 

26 Bridge Rent Patina

The event flowers at Kelley and Ping were purchased by the host Peri Wolfman morning of the celebration. Our collaborative vision for Peri's Birthday Bash was to keep the table vibrant + playful as the space has a bit of gritty authentic SoHo.  It was a super fun morning as we lined the center of table with stunning poppy flowers. The bright pop of color against the simple kraft paper set the perfect tablescape. 

Kelley and Ping SoHo Peri Wolfman


Ring us to create magic at your celebration. We love to translate your vision into sweet memories.


Cheers, Loretta xx